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Learning from the latest and most promising startups, together with Techstars.

How can we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to finding new and innovative ideas in the fields which we have worked in for decades, and continuously keep the finger on the pulse of the latest developments on this space. By partnering with Techstars, a global business accelerator network, we have been able to identify, develop and work with innovative technology-based startups to transform the natural and built environment. This partnership is an important part of our long-term vision around the citizen centric and data driven evolution of our industry.

Techstars has worked with numerous different organizations since 2006 to create meaningful relationships between promising startups and companies like Arcadis. Through these proactive and targeted interactions, we can create early partnerships with startups around our client needs and nurture their development, which finally improves all forms of innovation at Arcadis.

We have to establish both internal and external initiatives to identify and carefully grow ‘the new’. We are serious about being a digital frontrunner in our industry and therefore we have to develop certain value propositions ourselves, as well as co-create and buy into what happens at the frontier through early stage ventures.
Raquel Polo
Raquel Polo
Global Director Ecosystems and Strategic Partnerships


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