How will the passenger experience and processes through your airport be impacted by changes in the industry, now and in the future?


Businesses need to be equipped with the tools to develop and integrate innovative, sustainable and inclusive solutions for their passengers, from home to destination. We see a holistic strategy for journey experience that will support:

  • An inclusive passenger experience placed at the heart of design without compromising process efficiencies.
  • Ambitious environmental and sustainability objectives built into the passenger journey.
  • Flexible terminal buildings that harness commercial opportunities.

The Passenger Journey contains a sequence of steps and processes as the baseline of the user experience. By understanding these, businesses can evaluate passenger experiences and choices and develop a roadmap for how the processes will evolve over time to deliver sustainable outcomes.


The future of aviation holds compelling opportunities for a sustainable form of global and domestic air travel. The passenger experience will be personalised, having a positive impact on wellbeing:

  • Travel to the airport will be facilitated by CAVs, air taxis and improved public transport networks; the airport will become a truly integrated mixed use ‘hub’ within a travel network.
  • Changes in aircraft technology will improve air quality and reduce noise, introducing opportunities to live and work within and round the airport boundary.
  • Changes in technologies around security and health monitoring will allow the terminal to become a more accessible environment, enabling airports to open up to a wider customer base not limited to passengers.
  • Passenger anxiety will reduce, with fewer ‘pinch points’ in the journey and overall journey times will likely reduce.
  • Passengers will increasingly expect transparency around environmental strategies and the availability of information may inform passenger decisions on where and how they fly.
  • Passengers will increasingly move within an ecosystem of service providers but expect a seamless experience. Airports should position themselves as integrators with an overview of the passenger journey.


How can we improve the passenger experience in the future?

  • Airports will need adaptable strategies for responding to and harnessing the benefits that digital innovations bring to operations.
  • Using data capture of passenger behaviours in airports to aid implementation.
  • Continue to diversify away from retail to offer an airport waiting experience that improves health and mental wellbeing.
  • Consider design of future airport areas to increase natural light, improve the acoustic environment.
  • Offer personalisation of the journey process.


Paz Armenta
Technical Director
Technical Director