If you ask an Arcadian about the work our company does, they will likely tell you about one of the projects through which we’re creating and managing sustainable places where people can live, work and thrive. This is so central to what we do, it’s visible in our identity; the name ‘Arcadis’ is derived from the ancient Greek Arcadia, the finest place to live on Earth, and the fire salamander, featured in our logo, requires a harmonious balance of clean water, soil, and air to survive.

At Arcadis, we know places, spaces, and communities. There’s a good chance we’re working on one near you right now. Whether it’s residential areas, schools, hospitals, data centers, distribution depots, industrial facilities or train and bus stations, we create liveable cities and make a positive impact on quality of life.

People flock to cities because of their work, education opportunities, innovation, social activity, and  communities that comes with urban life. But without proper planning and design, the cities of the future will not to be places where people can fully unlock their potential. This is why we care about creating liveable cities and fully understanding the challenges facing people living and working there.

Our work in cities is diverse, and it includes consultancy and digital offerings for Smart Cities. These solutions help integrate the latest digital thinking into cities infrastructure to ensure that we get the best outcomes for residents.

See examples of our work creating sustainable places below or browse through our thought leadership where our subject matter experts provide insight and discuss the latest trends impacting our businesses, cities and communities.

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Mark Cowlard, Chief Executive Officer UK & Ireland

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