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The challenge

When NIKE wanted to improve its offering for consumers and retailers in Europe and the rest of the world, the sports clothing manufacturer decided to expand its distribution capacity to satisfy the latest energy and environmental standards.


The solution

These factors led to the construction of the Wings distribution center in the Belgian municipality of Ham. The building is part of THE NIKE European Logistics Campus (ELC) in Belgium. The location was an entirely conscious choice, as the site is easily accessible via canals, rail links and highways. Moreover, over 95% of all containers are transported via the Albert Canal, saving 14,000 truck trips per year.



    The pioneering and sustainable distribution center was designed by Jaspers-Eyers Architects, Pauwels and Arcadis Landscape Design Consultancy. The design partners were guided by three focal points: the consumption of energy from non-fossil sources, the closure of energy and resource loops, and the creation of an environment in which health and biodiversity are central. The building uses 100% renewable electricity, which is generated by wind, sun, geothermal, hydro-electricity and biomass. The facade also has 1.3 kilometers of green planting, which protects against direct sunlight, incorporates emergency escape routes and contributes to the appearance of the building. 

    We also consulted on the design of the natural environment around the distribution center. Sheep maintain the landscape and bee hives on the site boost biodiversity through pollination of flowers on the site and in the surrounding area. 

The impact

The NIKE European Logistics Campus is a great place to work for over 3,000 employees in Ham. The large number of windows, a unique system that transports natural light and automated LED lighting reduce electricity consumption and the environmental impact of the building. The design of the surrounding area also enhances the environment and has resulted in an increase in biodiversity in the area, after the completion of the construction work. In 2017, the design team was awarded the international MIPIM real estate market prize for 'Best Industrial and Logistics Development' in Cannes, in recognition of its contribution to the Ham distribution center, which opened in 2016. At the end of 2018, the building also received a LEED Gold certificate (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), an award from the US Green Building Council. Nike is the largest LEED-certified building in Belgium and a leader in energy efficiency and sustainability.


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