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Time has left its mark on this historic hotel

There are many historic buildings in Madrid, but only a few have been true witnesses to history. The Westin Palace Hotel is one of them. Located right in the heart of the capital, it opened its doors as the largest luxury hotel in Europe in 1912. Since then, its beautiful halls have been graced by countless well-known aristocrats, politicians and figures from the world of art and culture.


    However, the passage of time has left its mark on a building that is listed as a national monument. In 2008, the owner of the building, Archer Hotel Capital, commissioned us to manage the project and the costs of renovating one of the hotel's 11 floors. Over the following decade, it has continued to put its faith in us to rehabilitate and modernize its 470 rooms, halls, rooftops and facades. This was no mean feat — it meant adapting the rooms and services to the 21st-century customer, while preserving what it is that makes The Westin Palace, Madrid unique.

A decade of challenges and improvements

Modernizing an exclusive hotel like Madrid's Westin Palace has been an enormous challenge, but it is also one of the projects we are most proud of. For more than ten years, Arcadis has been part of the Palace's history. Thanks to a harmonious relationship with the owner and the success of the complex rehabilitation carried out with the hotel running at full capacity, we have secured 15 new projects of varying scope in the same building. That is a true sign of trust.


    Arcadis has advised the owner and the hotel operator throughout all these works, managing costs and coordinating the long list of suppliers with the contractor and the architect. We have also provided architecture, purchasing and health and safety coordination services. In other words, we've done a lot, and we've done it all while the hotel continued to run. We set out to ensure that guests would be able to come and enjoy the newly renovated Westin Palace as soon as possible, and we did just that - even finishing ahead of schedule! And we did just that, even finishing ahead of deadline.


    First, we ensured that we had all the licenses and permits required when undertaking works on a building listed as a Monument by the Ministry of Culture and as a BIC (Bien de Interés Cultural — site of cultural interest). Fine-tuning an architectural gem like The Westin Palace, Madrid requires the kind of effort, patience and expertise that Arcadis has been providing for more than a decade. A job that could only be handled by a company like Arcadis: specialists in rehabilitating architectural gems and managing work in occupied properties.

A benchmark of luxury in Madrid

The Westin Palace, Madrid of 2020 is still the majestic building that architect Eduard Ferrer designed more than a century ago. However, after more than a decade of room renovations, service modernization and fine-tuning of the building without disturbing its clientele, the Palace Hotel that Alfonso XIII opened all those years ago looks somewhat different nowadays.


    The Westin Palace, Madrid now boasts new halls and meeting rooms to respond to the city's growing demand for conferences and events. Its rooms have also been equipped with the technology and comfort befitting a 21st-century 5-star hotel — all while maintaining the Palace Hotel's classical and elegant essence. Today as in yesteryear, The Westin Palace, Madrid is not only a beautiful building — it is also a modern and exclusive hotel; a benchmark of luxury in Madrid.

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